Fees and Expenses

My mediation fees are based on a fixed charge to each party per day, but that charge is expected to vary from case to case based on the complexity or value of the case, number of parties, required travel time, or other factors, and includes any necessary pre-mediation sessions or post-mediation follow-up when necessary. One-half day mediations are available on a similar basis. Venue and refreshment and reasonable driving expenses are considered overhead, but airfare or overnight travel expense will be treated as a disbursement and divided equally among the parties. A firm fee statement will be provided promptly upon receipt of the initial description or scheduling inquiry for the case, and payment is required at or before the beginning of the mediation. Hourly fee mediations can also be arranged if preferred, but a cost deposit will be requested from each party, and supplemental invoices may be required.

Arbitration fees are generally set on an hourly charge basis, and are available upon request.